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  You can receive incoming calls over the Internet in one of the following ways:
  You are NOT charged anything to accept your incoming calls regardless your location, EXCEPT when you forward your incoming calls to a regular phone number (Point 1)
1. Forward calls to a regular number
2. Wireless Internet Phone
3. Regular phone with Voice Adapter
4. Computer with free softphone
5. Receive calls at this Webpage
6. Forward calls to your Skype account
1.   Forward incoming calls to a regular (mobile) phone number
1. As long as you have Calling Credit you can forward your incoming calls to any (mobile) telephone number in the World at these low rates
2. Forwarding calls to other etnVoip Numbers and to toll-free numbers in the USA is free of charge
3. Call forwarding can be managed in your online Control Panel
4. Calls can be forwarded, sequentially or simultaneously, to 1 or more (etnVoip) numbers
5. NO Internet connection, computer, software or hardware is needed to receive forwarded calls
2.   Wireless Internet Phones accept calls at any WiFi hotspot worldwide
1. Similar like a cellphone, but these wireless WiFi-telephones allow you to make and receive calls
    over the Internet wherever in the World they detect a wireless network (802.11b or 802.11g)
    Configure a WiFi phone with your 7-digit etnVoip Number and Password and
    you are ready to make/receive calls wherever you are in a WiFi hotspot
2. Dual-mode mobile phones combine a WiFi phone and GSM mobile phone in one device
    They combine free Internet calls with the convenience of a regular mobile phone
3. See Wireless Internet Telephones on
3.   Connect a (cordless) phone to the Internet thru a Voice Adapter
1. Connecting a Voice Adapter to your regular (cordless) telephone and to your broadband Internet
    connection allows you to make and receive (free) calls over the Internet from a regular telephone
2. NO computer or software is needed to make or receive calls
    You can also make/receive calls when your computer is offline
    Configure your Voice Adapter with your 7-digit etnVoip Number and Password
3. shows the different Voice Adapters which are available
4.   Computer with free softphone program
1. Download a free softphone (software telephone) program from
    Install the program and configure it with your 7-digit etnVoip Number and Password
2. Softphone programs run in the background from the moment you start your computer
    They allow you to make/receive calls as long as your computer is online
5.   Receive calls at this Webpage
1. Login at with your 7-digit etnVoip Number and Password
    As long as you keep this page Open or Minimized you can make and receive calls
6.   Forward calls to your Skype-enabled computer
1. If you have a Skype account, for free from, you can forward calls from your
    etnVoip Number to your Skype-enabled computer by downloading the free Skype to SIP Adapter
2. After installing this adapter on the same computer where you installed the Skype program, your
    Skype-enabled computer will transfer calls between your Skype and etnVoip accounts as long it's online!
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