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Photos of the upper-level Master Bedroom (Room 1)
Upper-Level Master Bedroom: 1 bedroom with 4 beds, 1 bathroom
Maximum sleeping capacity: 6 persons. Total size: 580 square feet (54 m2)
Beds: 1 kingsize bed, 1 double bed and 2 single beds
Location: Same floor as the entrance, kitchen, TV corner and all terraces
Availability of the Upper-level Master Bedroom (Room 1):

    Guests of each room have full access to the 4000 square feet living area, kitchen, 3 pools, pool area, BBQ area, tv corner and 5 terraces.     Total seating capacity of living area, terraces, kitchen bar, dining area: 40 seats.   Pool area: ca. 20 seats.
    When you use our fully-equipped kitchen and dining facilities, the savings on restaurants will pay for your accommodation.   We also provide gas BBQ grill (inside) and charcoal BBQ grill (outside).
Book here and select: Upper-Level Master Bedroom - Max. 6 pers.

Room 1, Panorama foto 1

Room 1, Panorama foto 2

Room 1, Panorama foto 3

Room 1, Kingsize bed, window with jungle view right, exit door to monkey terrace left

Room 1, two single beds with jungle view window

Room 1, double bed and exit door at left, ahead kingsize bed with exit door to terrace

Room 1, bathroom with jungle view window and shower at the right