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Calls from this webpage can be recorded on your computer

As long as this page is Open or Minimized, anyone can call you on this page from
1. Enter your information: 2. Click on 'Connect' 3. Enter number to call: 4. Click on 'Dial' 5. Call Logfile
etnVoip Number:


SIP Proxy:
Outbound Proxy:
Leave blank unless needed

Manual / Help / Trouble?
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  Read in our manual below (Point 6.5) how to receive calls while logged in on this webpage
  See each other while calling from this webpage on
Speaker Volume: Mute Speaker   Microphone Volume: Mute Mic
Number that's calling you (Caller ID):
Supported Voice Codecs: GSM6.10 iLBC G711 A-Law G711 U-Law
Other settings: Don't Disturb: Echo/Noise cancellation: Mic boost:
Conversation recording: Start Recording   Voice File Name:
To record, check 'Start Recording' and enter the Voice File Name
IMPORTANT Click on 'Save Recording' BEFORE the call is disconnected
Recorded conversations will appear on your computer desktop as a link with the Voice File Name
You can use
Windows Media Player to play recorded conversations
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