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How to use Easy Social BookMarking Tool

This Tool will help you to Bookmark a site into several Social Bookmarking Services. Instead of using different links to each Social Bookmarking website, you have to keep only a single link to all of them!  When you use this Free service in your Website or Blog, visitors will be able to bookmark it in 50 Popular Bookmarking Services.

Use this Free Service in your website in 2 Easy Steps:-

Step:1   Fill-up the following form and press on 'Create Code' Button:- 

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Step:2   Copy and paste any of the following HTML Code into your website:- 

HTML Code for Text Link

If you prefer an image link, save the image file and upload it into your Webhost..

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HTML Code for Image Link:3


PS: Please don't forget to save the selected image file and upload into your website.  Otherwise image links will not work properly.