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All Software and Hardware options to make and receive calls over the Internet
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  1. Softphones     Download and Web-based
    Free software telephone programs to make and receive calls over the Internet from a computer
    Softphones are active in the background whenever your computer is connected to the Internet
    From the moment your computer is online, you can make/receive calls
  2. Voice Adapters
    Connecting a Voice Adapter to your regular (cordless) telephone and to your broadband Internet connection allows you to make and receive calls over the Internet from your regular (cordless) telephone, also when your computer is NOT connected to the Internet
  3. Wireless Internet Telephones
    Similar like a cellphone, but these telephones allow you to make and receive calls over the Internet wherever in the World they detect a wireless network (802.11b or 802.11g)
    Unlike with regular cellphones, calls from a wireless Internet telephone are terminated whenever you move outside the reach of the current wireless network
  4. WiFi-enabled smartphones, PDA's and handhelds
    These devices work the same as Wireless Internet Telephones
    Often you still have to install a softphone on these devices to make them work
  5. Dual mode phones: (GSM) Cellphone and WiFi phone in ONE device
    Sooner or later you will hate it to carry a cellphone -AND- a Wireless Internet Telephone around.
    Dual mode phones are hitting the market now although not many cellphone carriers like these devices; carriers don't like it you can make free or very cheap Internet calls thru the WiFi section of these phones...
    Some early dual mode phones are the Nokia 6136, Motorola A910 and the D-Link V-click
    Search Google for dual mode gsm wifi or for Nokia 6136, Motorola A910, D-Link V-click
    Or take a look on this page
  6. USB phones connected to your computer
    etnVoip doesn't consider these devices a new way to call
    They simply replace a headset or speakers/microphone connected to your PC
    You always need a computer with softphone to use these devices
  7. What is UMA or Unlicensed Mobile Access?
    Mobile phone companies pay a license fee to use the frequencies of your mobile phone
    WiFi and Bluetooth devices and cordless phones are well-known examples of devices which use frequencies for which you don't pay a license fee!
    By connecting to the Internet from a wireless device which uses unlicensed frequencies you can make completely free calls over the Internet
    You find more information about UMA technology on and
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